I had an interview last week with a young couple that just moved in to Buckhead Atlanta and they needed a cleaning service. We walked through the house and I told him what we usually do: we deep clean the bathroom’s and kitchen; we clean all the cabinets outside; we dust and wipe down all the counter tops; we clean the appliances outside; we clean baseboards; blinds; windows and fans. We also vacuum and mop all the floors. After I explained what we usually do he said: GREAT! That is exactly what we need. But also, we need help with the laundry. Is that something that Swenson’s Cleaning Services can offers as well? And I said: YES…DEFINITELY WE DO LAUNDRY… WE ARE MORE THEN JUST CLEANING SERVICES.  #Atlanta  #Commercial Cleaning Services  #Residential Cleaning Services #Housecleanersatlanta.com # Swensons Cleaning Services